Gym memberships soar in the New Year

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – Seventy-five percent of people that join a gym will stop going within three months, Physical Trainer Jeff Parker told News Leader Nine.

So, how do you keep yourself from being a part of this statistic?

First, look for a non-intimidating atmosphere. Shop around at gyms in your area and ask for a tour.

Parker said, "Thee staff itself has to be friendly and professional.  And, then I would say the third thing to look for would be location."

If the gym is not close to your home or work, you will be less motivated to go.

Max Fitness Gym Member Minnie Moody said, "I looked at the equipment and I looked at the reputation" when picking a workout facility.

After a few months of working in the gym by herself, Moody decided she needed a trainer. "My problem was, what do I do when I come to the gym? I did not know what to do. What machine do I work on? What body part? But, since I have had a trainer, he has taken all of that away from me."

She says the money she spent on the membership and a trainer has been well worth the results.

If money is a problem, Parker said there are plenty of exercises you can do from home.  "There are tons of magazines and the Internet is available to you. Literally, there is an entire repertoire of exercises and workouts that you can do at home with a couch and a chair."

Another piece of advice, make sure you read the contract before you sign it.  Do not be afraid to negotiate the price.

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