Fort Benning gym launches new training program

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) – When it comes to backing up resolutions about getting in shape, Fort Benning is not playing around.  An incentive program has just started called Exercise across America.

For the next month or so, they'll be given "mileage" credit for every one-hour fitness class they complete at Fort Benning.  If they finish all 37 they've exercised from one end of the country to the other.

Lori Smith, Director of Smith Fitness Center, says, "I'm hoping for a big turnout. I think this is a great incentive to give people something to kind of keep them motivated through the fitness classes. Instead of just taking a fitness class, it kind of gives them something to kind of keep working toward."

Megan Wadsworth says exercising in a large group makes it easier stick with the program.

"People of all levels are here so you don't feel like the best or the worst in the class, so it's kind of a nice, good middle ground to keep you motivated exercising," says Wadsworth.

A variety of classes qualify for Exercise across America. There is Spin class, Yoga, Boot Camp, even a Stroller class for moms and their children.

Once a week, and it's an hour class, and a great class to do with your child. Kind of gives you the opportunity to do exercise and you can learn something, and then take that out on the days that you don't have a class.

Smith is especially impressed with the little ones. "Kids are incredibly well-behaved. I think it's because mom's jumping around, doing exercising in front of them."

The goal is to get individuals in shape and keep them that way. That's motivation enough for many instructors.

"One of the most rewarding things about the job is taking someone who's de-conditioned and teaching them how to exercise properly and safely, and seeing the result they get both mentally and physically," says Mary Elizabeth Hedrick, a group fitness instructor at Smith Fitness Center.

If you would like to know more about Exercise across America, give Lori Smith a call at the Paul Smith Fitness Center on post, at 706-545-4388.

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