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EXCLUSIVE: Windows on 38 vehicles shot out at Phenix City car lot


One Phenix City business is literally picking up the pieces after criminals shot out the windows of 38 cars in their parking lot.

This isn't your average case of vandalism, the parking lot was full of shattered glass after criminals shot out the windows to nearly 40 cars here at Integrity Auto Sales in Phenix City.

It may have taken these suspects a few minutes to cause all this damage, but the business will be suffering much longer.

"When I got out of the car and I looked around every window on every car, we have 38 cars, all the windows were busted out," said Integrity Auto Sales mechanic Jonathan Coker.

Dozens of windows shattered, a handful of tires slashes, and other damage to nearly 40 cars made a rough start to business Thursday morning at Integrity Auto Sales.  Coker said, "We're going to take a pretty bit hit as far as getting the cars repaired."

Jonathan Coker says it's shocking to see so much damage to the car lot, especially considering all the security measures they take, "We have one or two cameras inside, we have dogs in the fence, we keep the gates locked, we have a fence all around the property, all the car stay locked, it's a well-lit parking lot. We don't know how they weren't seen."

Especially since the business is located on the heavily traveled portion of Highway 80 West.

The insurance company estimates more than $100,000 in damage was caused to all the cars. Phenix City investigators are trying to figure out how many people were involved and how they managed to break so many windows in a short time. Coker has his own idea, ".22 rifle is what it looks like. We found one or two shell casings, but other than that they cleaned up pretty good after themselves."

And since there isn't much evidence to use, Integrity Auto Sales needs help from the public in catching the suspects, "What's to say that if they got us they won't get another car lot tomorrow, tonight, or next week? If we can help catch whoever did it, that would be great so they don't do it to anyone else."

So far no suspects have been named in this case. If you saw anything Wednesday night or you have any information on the crime, you are asked to call Phenix City police at (334)448-2800.

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