Murder Victim's Family Speak Out about a Motive, Is the Economic Turnaround Here?

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Just days into the new year the Columbus Police department is investigating it's very first murder. Police continue to look for a suspect as the family speaks out about what they think a motive may have been.

Also, two former Russell County Sheriff's Deputies were in court today to be sentenced after being found guilty of beating a man who was handcuffed.  We'll tell you how much time each one received.

Plus, grief counselors were at Beulah High School in Valley, Alabama today to help teachers and band members cope with the loss of an honor role student who died in a single car accident yesterday. We talk with those who say the young victim will be greatly missed.

And, some experts say the economic turnaround is underway. We'll look at the closing numbers for 20-11 and show you why some are feeling optimistic about the country's economic future.

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