Habitat For Humanity helping families earn homes

Several families from the Chattahoochee Valley woke up to the promise of a new home. Out of 125 applicants, 19 families will begin the process of getting a home from Habitat for Humanity.

On the first day of many to come Michaela Gray is overwhelmed with excitement, "It's great, I'm very excited, I cannot wait!"

Habitat for Humanity Executive Director says the decision is tough, but the families well deserve. "First of all they have to have a documented need for decent housing. They have to have the ability to pay, and they have to be willing to partner, which is what we're doing today."

The process is not as simple as taking donating lumber, building a house, and getting keys. There are hours of hours of work that has to be done.

"[We take] a lot of classes, to learn how to manage money mortgages. We [also] have to do five hundred hours of sweat equity, to get what we need done," said Michaela Gray

The sweat equity goes towards the mortgage slowly but surely chipping away at the actual amount that has to come out of their pockets.

"The idea is we do want to keep the costs of the home as low as possible so that when it is mortgaged to the homeowners at no interest, no profit, it is a mortgage that they can manage within their income resources," said Pound.

Many of the participants are first time homeowners. The families are not only earning a home, they are learning what they say are very valuable skills.

"I Never have owned a home before, so I'm going to be thankful and take care of this home. [We're learning] everything from electrical to, if you have something like a problem on your roof, you can just get a ladder and go up there and repair it and save a lot of money."

In about one year, the families that complete the program successfully will earn a home. Felicia hardy says she's so excited she already has plans for how she will decorate.

"My house is going to be beige and burgundy. I've already decided where I want to put my couch, where I want to put my chairs, everything.

Habitat for Humanity relies heavily on volunteers and community support. If you would like to get involved click on the link to Habitat for Humanity Columbus chapter.

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