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Alabama wins BCS National Championship, local super fans show support


The battle for the BCS National Championship title between Alabama and LSU ended in victory for the University of Alabama.

Before the game, we went on the hunt for some local super fans who fight for their teams almost as much as the players.        

"I'm just a regular ole' gas pumper who loves Alabama.  That's all," said Buddy Helton.

Everything about Helton says the University of Alabama: from the ring on his finger, to his office at his Chevron station in Columbus, and even his car playing the schools fight song.

"I was raised in Roanoke, Alabama until I was 12 years old, and we used to crack pecans on Saturday afternoon and listen to Alabama play football."

He says he has loved the Crimson Tide his entire life.  He even helped with recruiting players under Coach Ray Perkins and Coach Paul W. "Bear" Bryant.

"Coach Bryant was just a real nice man.  He worked really hard and was very smart.  And, he love people and he helped everybody," said Helton.

Down the road at Bross Tire Sales, Joe Bross still thinks about the time he spent as a student at the University of Alabama.

"When people came up and wanted to talk to Coach Bryant, if they called his Coach Bear, you knew he didn't know Coach Bryant," said Bross.

Bross, Alabama Class of 1967, was a team manager under Coach Bryant.  He says while winning is always the goal, the passion for Alabama goes beyond football to the family and culture.

"We want to win.  I mean the culture is to win, and the culture is there, but the University is still going to be there tomorrow morning and the next week," said Bross.

While Alabama won the battle on the field against LSU, Helton says win or lose he will always love his team.

"Coach Bryant would come on the television on Friday evening and say, ‘Now, this is just a football game.  Y'all remember that,'" said Helton.

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