Spay and neuter of adopted animals could be required

Columbus, GA (WXTX) - The number of animals killed at Muscogee County Animal Control is down. And, adoptions are up.

The Animal Control Advisory Board has an idea to keep those numbers moving in the right direction.

Tuesday at Columbus Council, it was proposed that people who adopt animals from animal control be fined $100 if they do not have their new pets spayed or neutered in 30 days. And, a possible extra $200 fine from the Environmental Court if they continue to not alter their animal.

Patricia Biegler, who sits on the Animal Advisory Control Board, explained the vicious cycle, "Let's face it, birth control is very important.  If your animals are not spayed or neutered, and they produce litter after litter, which very frequently happens, those litters get dumped."

As of now, adoptees sign papers saying they will have their new pet fixed and receive a $50 voucher for the service.  But, there is no way to track if the pets actually have the surgery.

Council will vote on the change of ordinance at the end of the January.

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