Marina, RV park expected to be developed along Chattahoochee River

Columbus, GA (WXTX) - There are miles and miles of undeveloped land near the National Infantry Museum that will all soon be re-developed into a massive marina and RV camping area.

"They talked about it before but it fell through," Ferrell Williams said.

Williams has owned a bait shop along the Chattahoochee River for the past 10 years and all that time, the proposed Marina and Campground has been in the works.

Williams says he's looking forward to the project but wants to see it done the right way.

"If they put snips down there to hold a 20-25 foot boat that would be different but if they have 16-18 foot post I don't think it will amount to nothing," Williams said.

City Planning Manager Rick Jones says the project is expected to move to the next phase in July.

"We are looking for someone who can come in there and help us develop it we would provide the land primarily," says Jones.

While contract bidding for the project has already begun, Jones says the cost of the project is still being determined but the amenities that the new park will offer have already been discussed.

A mile long channel will be dug near the Oxbow Meadows wetlands to connect the marina to the river.

"Boaters will have the opportunity to come in and have a place to put their boat be able to get into the Chattahoochee," Jones said.

"There has been a lot of development and a lot of emphasis put on getting people to come out to this part of town and recreate and be able to hike and bike and now camp," Director of Oxbow Meadow Lisa Randolph said.

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