Veteran gets new wheels from fellow vet

The Vietnam veteran whose wheelchair was stolen out of his Columbus driveway has new wheels.

After News Leader 9 aired the story, we were flooded with calls and emails from viewers wanting to help.  Another veteran saw the story, looked him up on Google, and within an hour was at his door with a new chair.

Gary Hudgins' wheelchair was stolen out of his driveway last week at their home on Oak Circle.  He can only walk for a certain amount of time and without his chair he rarely leaves the house.

A man named Ellis Leader brought him a chair Monday night.  Hudgins says it was just in time for him to go to go with his grandson to watch the BCS championship game.

"I'm real happy. I thank Mr. Leader for bringing it to me, and like I say, me and my grandson got to go out to see the ball game last night. I just thank him from the bottom of my heart."

Just in case you were wondering who he was pulling for, he says even though he is a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan, he was pulling for The University of Alabama. They also said this wheelchair will be kept inside from now on.

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