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Victory is sweet for Alabama fans


Even though the crystal trophy, The Coaches Trophy, has been presented and Alabama players returned home, some fans are still celebrating the team's win over LSU in the BCS National Championship Monday night.

The win reminds Carrie Reyes of the homage she paid to her favorite team 15 years ago.

"When our third son was born, my husband came up with the idea of naming him Tyde because I am such a huge fan," said Reyes.

Damian Tyde Reyes is now in high school and dreaming of going to the University of Alabama.

"I'm proud to be a part of this family and to be called Tyde," said Damian Tyde.

 The teen is proud of his name and shows he is proud of his team's win by sporting new National Champion t-shirts and hats.

At Campus Spirit in Columbus, District Manager Hope Wetherington says sales of National Championship gear have been phenomenal after one day, and there is even more to come.

"We are going to have caps, car flags, garden flags, key chains, car tags.  We are going to have a lot tumbler, beer mugs, shot glasses," said Wetherington.

 Some of the t-shirts at Campus Spirit now run from about $20 to almost $25. 

"The shirts are pre-ordered before the game.  So as soon as the game is over, the scores are printed on them and they're shipped out," said the manager.

Wetherington says some fans are already talking about winning next year's National Championship.

"Roll Tide," said Damian Tyde.

Reyes says some people have criticized her for naming her son after a football team, but victories like Monday night's make the family even more proud of his name.

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