MILITARY MATTERS: Project Welcome Mat

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Kat Warren and Anna Katherine Drew have been shooting videos for YouTube, as part of a Girl Scout project.

Their goal is to show off parts of Columbus to newcomers, in particular students who've relocated to the region because of military base realignment. 

"We wanted to do something that would be unique to Columbus, but also other Girl Scout could copy if they were in other cities," says Kat. "We wanted to have something that would be fun for kids like our ages or younger, and just to do stuff around Columbus with their families."

Their project has taken Anna Katherine and Kat all across the city of Columbus.

"We picked some places that we enjoy going because we know most of the kids coming down here are around our age, and so we did a couple of cool restaurants and them some movie theaters. So we've just kind of been going to the more kid-friendly places," says Anna Katherine.

 Kid-friendly is a great way to describe Anna Katherine's mom Kim. You might say she's the cog that keeps this wheel turning.

"It's kind of a de-facto thing, because they're 15 and 13, so they need somebody to drive them around," says Kim.  "I've been driver, and detail coordinator, and food purchaser, and photographer also. I film them when they're doing their pieces and it's been great to watch them." 

The girls hope to earn a Silver Award for their efforts, the second highest honor among Girl Scouts.

There are a certain amount of hours that you have to do to complete your Silver Award.  Once they complete those hours, they have to submit the project to the Girl Scout Council to approve.

Kat says they were nervous at first, but have now become much more comfortable in front of the camera.

"I think we've progressed, but at the same time we always still have fun."

If you'd like to see the videos, you can find them at YouTube ProjectWelcomeMat 

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