Law enforcement learn how to respond to an active shooter

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Law enforcement officials from all over east Alabama are gathering in Russell County this week to go through an active shooter training course.

If you knew a shooter was on your campus or at your workplace would you sit still and wait for the police to arrive, run for safety, or decide to fight back?

"What we teach is noise, movement, distractions, and gaining back control," said Greg Crane, owner of Response Options.

Crane is teaching law enforcement officials a new way to demonstrate emergency procedures with his plan ALICE, "ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. It's an enhancement of the standard lockdown protocol that schools typically use should they have a violent intruder event."

William Alexander with Russell County Homeland Security hosted the training exercise. He said, "I had an opportunity to look at it and I was sold on it. We're very excited about this program and we're going to be introducing it to local officials, superintendents, and college presidents and hopefully introduce it into our school systems next year."

Crane says during past school shootings the suspect has taken the lives of too many victims. His plan is to teach students and employees easy techniques that could save their lives, "Their mission becomes too easy because there isn't enough activity by those potential victims to make themselves a harder target and to make the bad guy's mission more difficult."

"It could potentially save lives and that's our main goal, to save lives," added Alexander.

Some of the easy techniques covered in the course were barricading the doors, looking for an exit, or if you get stuck in the room you're in, to actually fight back against the shooter by throwing things or using the element of surprise.

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