Reward offered for help finding copper thieves

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – Over 400 people are without phone services after thieves strip the wiring off of power poles looking for copper.

Chambers County Sheriff's Deputies say someone targeted the power poles behind the Old Lanett Mill.

The phone services of thousands of Knology customers including area schools and businesses were disconnected.

Authorities say they are unsure of who could have done the crime but Knology repairmen say it's a pretty big job for one person to take on.

"Multiple people, simply because the way that the cable and what they had to do cause they actually had to get up in the air on the poles somehow to actually take the cable down," says Chuck Goodwin  with Knology.

Goodwin says the amount of copper the thieves get from the wires does not compare to the thousands of dollars in damages they've caused.

There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If you know anything call the Chambers County Sheriff's Department.

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