Phenix City police investigate city's first homicide of 2012

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) – Police are searching for suspects as one man is murdered and another is in the hospital after an early morning shooting at a car lot off Highway 280 in Phenix City.

Phenix City's first homicide of the year unfolded in a parking lot just before 2 am Saturday morning.

Fifty-two year old Terry Simmons was pronounced dead on the scene while 61-year old Richard Prince was transported to the Columbus Medical Center to be treated for gunshot wounds.

James Ashley, general sales manager at Car-Mart,  had no idea that his car lot would be the scene of a deadly shoot-out. Luckily his security cameras were rolling but he was not authorized to provide the footage to FOX 54.

"My video cameras happened to catch the incident on tape; it caught basically the whole incident," says Ashley.

The video shows a man going up close to a truck, raising a gun, and firing. All you see is a flash.

The first victim crawls to the back of the truck and collapses.  Moments later there is another flash as the other victim is shot.

Another angle from the security camera shows a man fleeing the scene running directly pass the front doors of the car lot. He drops his gun and then turns around to pick it up and runs away.

"You can't let stuff like this bother you.  It happens everywhere.  You just have to make sure at night time you are careful as can be," says Ashley.

Witnesses at a nearby business told FOX 54 that the two men who were shot left with another man after showing off a large amount of cash. They say that the two men were regular customers and never caused any trouble.

Police are still investigating this case and are looking for the man who is responsible. If you have any information regarding the case you are asked to call Phenix City police at 334-448-2800.

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