Workout honors fallen soldier

A couple hundred people showed up to test their physical ability and push their limits to honor a hero on Saturday.

Through sweat, and a little suffering, those at CrossFit Sacrifice in North Columbus grieved and honored the loss of a fallen soldier who they say gave the ultimate sacrifice.  The workout is created in honor of fallen soldier Lieutenant Daren Hildago.

The Hildago workout is designed to put the bodies and minds of participants to the ultimate test.

"It was a hard one, it was a really tough workout," said participant Sally Bradley.

Lieutenant Hildalgo was killed in Afghanistan in February of 2010 at the age of 24.  He was the youngest of three brothers. His brother Miles Hildago participated in the workout Saturday says it feels good to know people care.

"I think it's great that so many people came out and just the whole cross fit community is really supportive of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and the hero workouts, cross fit gym does a great job of honoring those Heroes through their workouts and I know I'm humbled by just the fact that so many people showed up to do a workout in memory of my brother."

Participants ran two miles; lifted 130 pounds while doing squats, jumped boxes, and walked lunges while holding weights. Those who knew him say he was a true fitness fanatic.

"Daren was in great shape, he liked to push his body to the limit, and he liked marathons, triathlons... He always used to like working out in his body armor weighted vest, so he would've done pretty well," said Hildalgo.

Lieutenant Hildago won a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his bravery while in service.

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