Murder victim's family wants community's help in finding killer

PHENIX CITY, AL - A weekend shooting in Phenix City left one man dead and another clinging to life.

As police search for answers in this crime, family members of the murder victim are speaking out about their loved one.

Family members of murder victim Terry Simmons say in his 52 years on earth, he made an impact on the lives of many, and was a friend to all.

His sister, Diane Jenkins told FOX 54, "He'd give you the shirt off his back, he would give you anything. He was a very sweet and caring person."

Because of his kind nature, they were shocked to hear the news that someone shot Terry and his friend Richard Prince early Saturday morning. Terry's other sister, Pam Sloane, said she has pieced together what her brother did late Friday night, "He was at Red Barn shooting pool. He'd been there since about 10:00 and him and Richard were shooting pool and singing Karaoke and they had parked at the Car-Mart."

That's when police say both Terry and Richard were shot multiple times in the parking lot.

"It's something that should have never happened. He was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just knowing someone is out there who is responsible for this... We want them caught," said Jenkins.

Richard Prince remains in critical condition at the Medical Center after being shot multiple times. Terry Simmons died on the scene after being shot once in the thigh and once in the pubic area. His body will be sent to the state crime lab Monday morning.

While police continue to investigate the crime, Simmons's family is begging for help from the community in seeking justice for this killing. Sloane added, "We just want the person caught. And I know there are people out there who know where he is and who he is so we want them to come forward and tell they what they know."

Phenix City police say the shooting happened just before 2 am Saturday morning at the Car Mart on Highway 280 in Phenix City. If you have any information on this crime you are asked to call police at (334)448-2800.

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