Columbus Parkour is "flying" through town

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - They are almost like unmasked super-heroes, scaling buildings and flying off stairwells. They are members of Columbus Parkour, a new group that is practicing their skills all over town.

Zack Wilson helped start the group. He said, "The most common definition is to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible without using excess energy."

"Parkour which is the art of getting from one place to another by using your body to go over and under obstacles," added Zach Ary.

Wilson explained, "The usual limitations and boundaries that people see such as rails or a staircase, one person would think, "I'm going to walk down the staircase" where we on the other hand see there's a wall and it would be much easier to go down this wall than to go down the staircase."

Ary got his start in Parkour after seeing a video online, "I do Martial Arts, that's where I get my basis from, and I was searching YouTube and I saw this awesome video that has probably been the inspiration to hundreds of people who have started Parkour and I said "I want to do this"."

Another Columbus Parkour member, Tim Harris, said, "Being honest, I'm terrified every single time, but there is a certain mental aspect you have to have when you're doing these types of things. We train very hard and efficiently to make sure these techniques are as clean as possible and as safe as possible."

But Zach Wilson says they are always being careful, "We practice several times a week for hours and hours and we don't push ourselves past our boundaries. We stay very safe to keep injuries to a minimum."

"Whenever we go into an area we always check out the environment to see what there is. If there is a rail we want to do things on, we'll go over to the rail and check it, shake it, make sure its stable so we know we won't break it," member Chris Selle told News Leader Nine.

Ary added,  "We've gotten a lot of "wow look at that" and some "do that again". We've gotten a couple of "you're going to hurt yourself, you better watch out". I know one of us has actually had someone threaten to call the cops on us. We get a wide range of reactions, some of them are funny and some of them we just say "this is what we do, c'mon"."

If you would like to get involved with Columbus Parkour, or you just want to find out more information about the group you can visit their Facebook page or see more videos on their YouTube channel.

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