Pill bust leads to 7 arrests in Harris County

HAMILTON, GA (WTVM) - Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office say prescription drugs are just as available, addictive, and dangerous as cocaine and meth.

Through tips from residents, deputies were able to arrest Michael Casciaro for possession of prescription drugs and drug related objects.

During the arrest, his cell phone was seized.

Investigator Glenn Presley explained, "sometimes when we have the phone in hand, the other drug dealers are calling and sending texts inquiring about buying and selling."

Several people texted Casciaro's phone asking for drugs.  They did not know Casciaro was in jail, and his phone was in the "right" hands. The investigators answered the texts and set up a time for the deal.

Deputies said the meeting was usually set up for a public place like a parking lot. When the drug dealer arrived, he/she was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to sell. Then the detectives seized the cell phone and the process could start all over again.

Using this method, seven accused drug dealers were arrested.

"You keep working it until it plays out. You keep fishing in that same pond until the fish are gone. That is usually the way a drug investigation works," said Presley.

Along with cell phones, they were able to seize money, cars, and drugs, including very dangerous liquid morphine.

Just one prescription pill is worth $20-50.

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