Mayor Tomlinson delivers her first 'State of the City' address

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) –   It was Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's time Tuesday to address the city in her State of the City address at the Trade Center.

Tomlinson talked about her first year as mayor, what she sees for the future, the current state of the city, and some future endeavors for the city.

"One of the most important subjects that face us today is how we grow, how we use our land resources to grow. Our land and our people are our most valuable resources yet our land resource is largely spent. It's been developed. They are not making any more land in Muscogee County; too many people are choosing to live outside our county's boundaries. We've just talked about one major cause of this population shift is disparate property taxes. The other is the lack of developable land."

The mayor talked about the current state of Columbus and what she sees for the future.  She also talked specifically about budget restraints, taxes and the development of south Columbus.

"We cannot sit on our hands or put our fingers in our ears and hope that South Columbus and other distressed areas magically rejuvenate themselves," says Tomlinson. "Columbus and other struggling neighborhoods in our city have the character, the history and the authentic culture that make them uniquely Columbus Georgia and we have the obligation to capitalize on those assets and give them every chance to succeed and grow."

Mayor says she will be meeting with the mayors of other Georgia cities this Friday at the state conference of mayors in Atlanta.

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