Surplus of women makes men spend less

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - All the single ladies put your hands up! You might get a ring on that finger quicker just because you live in Columbus.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology uses Columbus as a real life example, stating that there is a 2:1 ratio, giving women the home court advantage.

The study states, when there are more women than men, men feel the need to spend more and save less to impress them. The consumer debt here is three thousand dollars more than nearby Macon whose numbers are more equal.

"The variety isn't as good, go to a bar and it's like a shark pool in there, there's three guys to one girl!" said Christopher Reed

According to the study, the consumer debt here is $3,000 more than nearby Macon whose numbers are more equal. In addition, when men know there aren't many women, the will borrow 85% more money each month.

Married Tessa Roberts says, "I think if she's a smart woman, she doesn't want her future husband to be in debt. I wouldn't want my future husband to be in debt over me or anything.

Some believe the surplus of men in Columbus is due to the large military base located here. Dejonnia Delaoch said it amps up the competition. "One time I actually went to the bar and it was a bunch of military men in there. And it was this one individual lady that I really wanted to talk to and all the military guys kept talking to her, kept buying her drinks so I felt like I had to come out my pocket and spend a few hundred dollars just to talk to her too."

Most women say it doesn't hurt to be able to provide, But both men and women agree that material things may catch someone's eye, but it's what's inside that keeps them.

For women the results are different. When there is a deficit of men, women feel that men should buy bigger engagement rings, Valentine's Day gifts, and spend more on dates.

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