City moves forward with Brown Avenue Bridge replacement

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – Ruby Hayes has lived in her home of Liberty Street for more than 40 years. It sits next to the bridge on Brown Avenue in Columbus.

Overtime she has watched as the 65 year old bridge slowly fall to pieces.  Some of those pieces have literally come crashing into her backyard causing her to fall and injure herself.

"All that water was coming down off that hill and I stepped down and I thought I was stepping on steps and step down and that's where I fell at," Hayes said.

Hayes says the problem has been resolved but the bridge itself is a major concern. Others who have lived in the area for a long time like Samuel Thompkins say the bridge is a bad accident waiting to happen

"You never know when it might fall in, plus you have the railroad tracks right there, anything can fall in there, kids come through everyday going back and forth to school," Thompkins said.

Frustrated by all of this, the people who live in the area would like to know when the old bridge will be torn down and a new one built in its place. They've been given several dates as to when the project will start but nothing concrete.

Meanwhile Engineers with the city tell us that requests to obtain parts of land needed to start construction began early this month.

Kimberly Larson with Georgia DOT says that these steps are necessary before any construction can began and we should expect to see more activity around the bridge in the fall as the project moves full steam ahead.

City engineers say the project is expected to cost $7 million.

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