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Columbus man home after kidney donation from nurse

One week ago, a Columbus man received the gift of life from a person he least expected, one of his nurses.

Now, 23-year-old Clay Taber is home and on the road to recovery.

"I can't believe in a week I'm literally home and doing normal things," said Taber.

Looking at Taber, it might be hard to imagine that one week ago he was at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta preparing for a kidney transplant.

Since August of 2010, Taber has been battling for his life.  Doctors diagnosed him with Goodpasture's Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder that caused his kidneys to fail.

Now, thanks to an unlikely donor, his nurse, Allison Batson, Taber has his life ahead of him.

"What Allison did for me was, it gave me a chance to start a career.  I was working part time because of dialysis and doing that three days a week, it really didn't allow me to go forward with a career opportunity."

Taber and his fiancé, Laura, plan to marry in June and start their lives together.  Although, for now, there are check-ups with the doctor two times every week for the first month after surgery.

"Then, it will change to every two weeks for a few months, and then, after that for the dosages of medicine, they'll give me for my kidney I'll go back once a month for the rest of my life," said Taber.

His mom, Sandra, says now they want to encourage people to help others who are still on donation waitlists.

"[We want] to let people know that Allison by donating a kidney has given Clay a new lease on life, but she is going to live a normal life with one kidney," said the mother.

"The life that you can give someone who needs a kidney, it just changes it forever," said Taber.

Nurse Batson was released from the hospital last week, and Taber says she is doing well.  Taber says he wants to pursue a career in finance with something like banking or possibly for the Athletic Department at Auburn.

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