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Storms damage homes in north Columbus neighborhood

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents of the Cherokee Hills community are working to put it all back together after storms ripped through their neighborhood this weekend. 

"When it came through, it hit our house the people on this side and the people on this side. We really got it. I mean there were people we didn't even know that lived on other streets two or three streets over that were down here with chainsaws and they just kind of as a group went from one house to the next. Do you need help?  Do you need any help? It [feels] really great. And we actually made some friends," said homeowner Beverly Watson. 

Many of their yards were destroyed. Large trees uprooted and snapped in half.

Soon after the storm, they quickly got out their chainsaws and began to remove the trees that had fallen into many driveways.

"[There are] Big holes plus the siding came off and we need to get siding replaced and it went through so we've got some furniture stored up there so we don't know what kind of damage," said Watson. 

Watson's neighbors, on both sides, sustained damage - including her neighbor, Councilman Skip Henderson. "There was a tree that crashed right through their den. So, the whole roof in their den is just about gone. He actually went and hid in the closet. He heard the wind and all the noise and called his wife who was at the mall shopping."

Beverly says they are unsure of how much it will costs to fix their house. She says the insurance company told them they may not cover the fallen trees in the yard.

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