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Columbus man cleaning up after weekend storm put tree through roof


Crews have been working to clean up the mess left behind by the storm that ripped through North Columbus over the weekend.  One local man says he was home when Saturday's storm sent a tree through his roof.

It is a wreck in the front yard, like an obstacle course in the backyard, and a construction zone in his living room.

Skip Henderson has a mess on his hands after a storm tore through his North Columbus community off Comanche Road.

"All of a sudden, it started hailing and I saw the wind whipping up.  So, I headed downstairs and about time I hit the bottom steps, I heard a crash," said Henderson.

The top of a pine tree in his backyard snapped and landed on his roof carving a hole in the ceiling of his living room.

"I ran up there and started dragging furniture up out of the room.  So, I got all of it, almost all of it, before the water started coming through," said Henderson.

However, he says his living room needs a rebuild with ruined support structures, a chimney laying on his lawn, carpet torn up, water damage, and more.

Crews were out working on neighborhoods around Henderson's home moving trees and clearing roads.  Henderson, a Columbus City Councilor, says he is proud of the city's actions.

"The city responds so quickly.  Policemen and emergency crews were out making sure nobody had any extra accidents, any additional accidents from the trees being down."

Even with the damage, he says he is blessed.

"Nobody got hurt, and this is just stuff.  We're going to deal with it, put it back together, and be fine."

The city says it should take about one week to ten days to clean up the mess.  They are giving people the chance to bring trees, limbs, and debris to the right of way for pick up.  They say they will continue to work until the area is back to normal.

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