Georgia ranked 45th in nation for bicycle and pedestrian safety

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With Georgia being only 5 away from the worst in the county in safety for bikers and pedestrians; those who use the path say they're taking a second glance before crossing the intersection.

Ardythe McDowell says, " I see people totally ignore the fact there are pedestrians crossing here, They'll see me stop here at the intersection and they'll just speed through not even doing the speed limit."

Tammy Martin, a mother of two young children, says she loves taking her children outside. "I think kids getting out is important and we shouldn't have to worry about you know them getting hit by a car or something like that so I think they need to take heat to the issue."

The intersection on Hilton Avenue has a red light when people cross, the intersection on Miller Road has a dim yellow light around the sign but some places in the trail, like on Billings Road, have no light.

"Georgia has been a little slow with biker safety but then we haven't had a lot of bikers/runners so I think we'll play catch up." Said Biker, Robert Fouche

"I was surprised they didn't have them at all the intersections, it at least makes the driver be more aware..I've actually seen people come through on their cell phones. I've seen people looking down like they're texting."

Tammy Martin chooses to avoid as much traffic as possible.

"We actually stop at the end of line of trees. We don't go any further."

News Leader 9 spoke to the city planning manager who said they are finished with the trail, and do not plan on adding any more lights.

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