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Change coming for military combat rations

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  If you've ever wondered what soldierseat when deployed, well here you  go they're called MRE's, meals ready toeat, and food scientists say they're looking to put a little bit more home intothese meals.

John Tablet, an Afghanistan war veteran, who has eaten plentyMRE's says they taste fine to him; but really serve a bigger purpose."I totally support that. Variety is the spice of life and I would love tohave a little surprise the next time I open an MRE."

"Just the calories that you need that you're burning whenyou're doing foot patrols; actually mixing everything together. When you don'thave the time to eat the whole meal so it's something to scarf down it's eitherfood now or no food later kind of thing," said Tabler

Right now the US Army eats basically American fare, like beef stewto country chicken. They say variety is the spice of life and soon they will beoffering more ethnic selection like Italian, Mexican, and Oriental dishes.Researchers say the goal is to mimic what the soldiers eat at home. They areteaming up with

TGI Fridays, and Applebee's offer to soldiers more options. Themeals go through a lot of testing before they are approved by the surgeongeneral—then. The big battle, the soldiers in the field. The meals have to lastfor three years or at least six months if exposed to extreme temperatures.

"If you heat it up that's your best bet, but there's timeswhen you don't have an opportunity to heat it up. So you kind of eat it cold.It would have to be a maple sausage. It's one of the new ones."

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