Be There: Compliments Only Week

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Sometimes we forget what it's like to be in school and face the daily struggles. From homework to bullies, there are small battles students are fighting every day, but one Muscogee County middle school is focusing on staying positive.

Even as adults we may forget to give someone a word of encouragement or a little bit of praise for a job well done, and the students at Fort Middle School are showing that a little compliment can go a long way.

Fort Middle School has the motto saying they are the "best middle school in the world" and it's that type of positive reinforcement that helps encourage the students for their Compliments Only Week.

Emilio Evans-Pagan is an 8th grader at the school. He said, "At Fort we're showing that people's emotions matter and it's not all about being negative."

Guidance counselor David Colbert explained, "Compliments Only Week is about focusing on positive aspects of other people whether it's students or faculty or staff."

Students say school is more enjoyable to be at because they hear a variety of compliments. Sixth grader Iyanna Bryan said, "I've heard I like your shoes, and how is your day, and are you doing good?"

Sara Collins, who is in the 7th grade at Fort Middle School said she has heard, "You look nice today, or how's it going, you have nice hair, it looks pretty today."

"Saying good job, saying they like how people are dressing, complimenting haircuts, and how they're doing in class," added Evans-Pagan.

Colbert says the annual event keeps the kids sharing encouragement with others, "I like your shoes, I like your shirt, I like your attitude. That's the whole goal of this week, to think positive and not negative."

They have also noticed that the positive attitudes carry into the rest of the school year, not just Compliments Only Week.

Iyanna Bryan told News Leader Nine, "People have been saying nice things to each other and the teachers want you to be nice."

Colbert added, "You want them to focus on it throughout their life. We start it at school, hopefully it carries home, hopefully it carries the rest of the year. It's Compliments Only Week but we want it to be Compliments Only Year."

As an extra reward for sharing compliments, there is a prize involved. Every time a student is caught saying something nice to someone else, their name is entered into a drawing for a surprise at the end of the week.

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