Columbus couple seeks to adopt 12 year-old Latvian girl

Nataly is a 12-year old girl from the country of Latvia.

Sergio and Ingrid Romero are trying to adopt her and make her a permanent part of their family, but it's a difficult and expensive road.

"The agency that you're working with becomes your new best friend. and you have to absolutely be in touch with them," said Ingrid Romero, Nataly's host mother. "It's kind of like having a boss, always on you to get everything done because it's in your best interest, but it can get stressful."

There was another Columbus family interested in adopting Nataly but things didn't work out.

Sergio Romero was her soccer coach and didn't want to see her leave.

"When we heard the news that she was having to go back after sharing some time with her, it was hard to describe. It was almost like having your child taken away," said Sergio, the host father.

So they decided to take her in. The Romero's had not planned on it, but felt the need.

Nataly certainly doesn't want to leave her new family either.

"Here is love and everybody's so true. and everybody loves me," said Nataly.

International adoptions can cost well over $30,000.

Nataly's visa is up next month and she'll have to return to Latvia, but the Romero's are busy raising the funds to bring her back for good.

You can help by visiting their blog at

The Romeros encourage everyone to look into adoption, whether abroad or at home, because either way, you're helping a child.