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EDITORIAL: Presidential Primary

EDITORIAL:  Soon the spotlight will be on Georgia and Alabama as the presidential campaigns come to town. If you're planning to play a part in selecting our next president, we have some useful information for you.

Georgia's primary is only six weeks away on Tuesday March 6th with Alabama only a week later on March 13th.

If you're not registered and want to vote, you have until next Tuesday February 6th in Georgia and Friday March 2nd in Alabama.

Also, absentee ballots are due, either in the mail or in person to your county elections board, on the days of the elections.

The polls are open from 7am-to-7pm in your respective Eastern and Central time zones. 

And most importantly for everyone, these are open primaries in both states, so you can vote for your top candidate from either party - but not both parties -- whether you're a registered republican or democrat. 

For additional information, including absentee ballots for the military, go to WTVM.com.

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