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EDITORIAL: Property Tax

EDITORIAL:  The key to a healthy city is healthy growth.  

We want new people moving in and starting new businesses who employ new employees. Those employees will move to our area for the jobs. It's a healthy circle of life.

What's not healthy is a property tax system that stunts that growth. 

The property tax system in Columbus is unfair and a deterrent to positive growth in Muscogee County.

Right now, if you move to Muscogee County and buy a home you are taxed at rates much higher rate than the person who has lived in the house next door for 20 years.

So you know what is happening? People are moving to Russell or Lee County or Harris County where the property taxes are much much lower.

They are spending their money outside of Muscogee County.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is trying to get her plan on the ballot to change the issue.

We think the issue should be on the ballot. Let's stop penalizing new people for living in Columbus. Instead let's make this a friendly place they can afford to live.

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