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Law enforcement asks city for new crime reporting system

The Muscogee County Sheriff, Columbus Police Chief and Muscogee County Marshal presented Columbus council with a new crime reporting system. They hope council will commit to $2.5 million in the mid-year budget for the system. 

Chief Ricky Boren said this is a system they have, "Tried to put in place for 30 years and the stumbling block has always been money." 

The system puts everything a deputy or officer finds out at a scene into an integrated system that sheriff's deputies, deputies with the marshal's office and police officers can access. 

"Everything that the officer will need to know, even on a time when he is off, in reference to the beat he rides, hot spots on that beat, wether there are burglaries, armed robberies or suspect people in the area will be at his fingertips there in the car," explained Chief Boren.

Chief Boren says there is a 30 to 45-day backlog because everything is on paper, then, later added to a computer system.  "When you are that far behind on any thing that is occurring in a hot spot area, or an area in Columbus, it is stalemate by the time we actually get to it."

The new system will be paperless and quick. 

FOX 54 was told this system is used in Tampa and they credit it to reducing crime by 50%.

If city council gives approves the new system, it will take 18 months to get the system up and running. 

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