Growing North Columbus causing traffic problems

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Traveling down Veterans Parkway in the middle of the afternoon isn't so bad; But if you're out during the morning commute then you might have a bit of a problem.

Maple Mart Co-Owner Sonjay Choudhury says since more homes are being built in the North Columbus area traffic has become a lot more hectic.

"It's like backed up all the way up veterans parkway in that directions and also Cooper Creek Park back up this way," Sanjay Choudhury

The traffic is due to the influx of homes and apartment developments being built in North Columbus. Several like Ivy Park, the new Summit apartments, and The Promenades are attracting folks to the area.

Grayhawks home developer Dave Erickson says this particular area is a hot commodity for a number of reasons.

"North Columbus is one of the most desirable areas in town, it's got some of the newest schools best schools in the area, it's got excellent shopping nearby," Dave Erickson said.

While some say the area is booming with housing and business developments, Erickson says the massive expansions and projects are something most are not used to seeing especially since the housing market took a huge hit a couple of years ago.

"I challenge that it's booming in that by comparison there are far more buildings than in the past," Erickson said.

The population growth in the area is evident in area schools, nearby Veterans Memorial Middle School is over capacity with 678 students and a 650 limit. This number will go down after the new middle school in the Midland area opens next year.

Business owners like Choudhury says the traffic problem will only get bigger with more housing developments and says Veterans Parkway should be widened like nearby Moon Road.

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