Local group is working to put a stop on violence and crime

"He said, 'They shot him, Mama,' and I said, 'Is he okay? What is he saying?'"  He said, 'No.  He's not saying anything, Mama.  They shot him in the head,'" said Tywoana Anderson Jakes.

She will never get to see her 20-year-old son, Tevin, again.  In November of last year, police say he was shot and killed in his home off Highway 80 West in Phenix City.  Now, his mother is joining others who want to end violence like this in their community.

Some East Alabama residents are taking their fight against crime to the next level.  Many of them came together to raise awareness on Tuesday night about the crimes in their neighborhoods, and how they can put a stop to it.

"We will never forget the impact that those violent crimes have had on the lives of the people who are a part of our community whether it's our religious community or within Phenix City," said Pastor Kevin Jones.

Tuesday, Pastor Kevin J. Jones and community members gathered at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church to talk about fighting violence in their neighborhood.

"A lot of times it won't happen to you, but I'm sure everybody in here has somebody that has had something that's happened to [them]," said Phenix City Councilor Michelle Walker.

They are focusing on neighbors helping neighbors.  Eric Woodson says he helped organize a free way of doing that with a Facebook group called Neighborhood Watchers Group.

"We are getting people to take pictures of strange vehicles, strange people.  We're getting tips in that we're sharing with law enforcement," said Woodson.

The group has about 1,600 members all trying to keep one another safe.  Pastor Jones says this and neighborhood watch groups are just a couple of ways people can help.

"People are still needed to be apart and actually support the efforts within doing that so that we can do what is necessary so that crime won't have its way in our community," said Jones.

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