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Be There: Safety drills


Keeping your children safe in school is always a priority for administrators and teachers and some of those safety drills at school can also be used at home.

"We could have a fire, we could have a tornado, we could have a stranger," said North Columbus Elementary School first grade teacher Karen Jones.

If one of these scenarios occurs, students and teachers have to be prepared. Stephanie Gutz, who also teaches first grade at North Columbus, explained, "We still have fire drills. We do bad weather drills for tornadoes and hurricanes, we go into the hall. And we have certain codes and certain spots in our classroom where we go."

Students have to practice their plan and know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. The first grade students at North Columbus Elementary School told us what they do.

For a fire Evan Mayotte said, "Whatever you're doing, stop, line up quietly, go out the door, and be quiet."

Carlie Almond said for a tornado, "You get on your knees and put your hands behind your head."

Marisa Bian added, "If we be quiet then we'll hear the principal say the storm stopped."

And for "Stranger Danger" Graham Seegar explained, "You go in there and lock the door to the classroom and that door and then you sit and wait."

If you'd like to try similar drills at home teachers suggest relating the activity to something the kids can remember. Gutz said, "We're acting like soldiers during the fire drill with hands at your side and eyes ahead. And we pretend we're little turtles in our shell when we get down."

And as always, Jones says practice makes perfect, "I actually walk them through it. Line up at the door, walk out the door, go to the exact spot they are supposed to walk to and we practice what they will actually do."

If a family wanted to do similar drills at home, the key is to have a plan in place for emergencies and make sure everyone in the family practices that plan.

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