JC Penny customers like the new pricing system

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – It is being called the biggest and best sale ever, because it will last all year long.  JC Penny rolled out their new pricing system Wednesday.

Deborah Free is a frequent customer at the Penny's in Columbus. She uses the rewards card and coupons and said she tries not to miss the sales.  "Often times I would forget, or it would not be a convenient time. I hated that I missed the sale here," said Free.

Now, she does not have to worry about missing out on a sale at JC Penny.

The big box store has rolled out a new promotion. Every day prices are 40% lower than they were before the new promotion and will stay that way all year.

Bryan Cooke, Columbus Store Manager, explained, "Two weeks ago this top would have been $20, regular price everyday. It would have gone on sale at 40% off for about $12. We now offer this top every day at $12."

JC Penny officials say coupons are too confusing to customers.

Employees spent days re-ticketing 250,000 items and giving the store a new look.

The new pricing also includes clearance deals on the first and third Friday of each month. That is when most people get paid.  And, a selection of items are on sale 20% off the every day price each month.

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