Wild goose chase at Idle Hour Park

Phenix City's most wanted goose has been named Lucy by a group of animal lovers. The hybrid bird has fishing line around its leg causing it to hobble and the leg to swell.
"I have tried just jumping on it.  I have tried just getting a net.  She is real smart. We call her Lucy the Goosey.  The poor little thing, he did not do it to himself.  Us humans are responsible for this fishing line being around his leg and I think it is us that ought to fix it," said Truby Tillery.
Tillery is part of a group trying to help Lucy. 
"I have actually touched its wings, and its feathers and the fishing line but she is smart and impossible to catch," explained Tillery.
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources officer Mark Jolly spent the day playing duck, duck, goose.  
Even though the department is not required to help a hybrid bird like Lucy, Jolly told FOX 54 he will get Lucy the help she needs.
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