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Columbus residents flock to Phenix City to buy alcohol Super Bowl Sunday


Some are saying Georgia's loss is Phenix City's gain after many Muscogee County residents traveled into Phenix City to purchase alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday.

However, this may be the last time Muscogee County residents have to drive into Alabama to buy alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday, or any Sunday.

Phenix City resident Allen O'Bryant says Columbus being dry is good for the economy, but bad for beer options. "Coming out early didn't work out too good because the store is packed and [there are] slim pickings."

He's talking about Circle K on Stadium Drive in Phenix City. The gas station filled with 6-pack seekers well before the game and after it started.

"It's only a five-minute drive across the bridge so it's not going to hurt," said O'Bryant. "It's adding to the profit of the city. We're getting that revenue [from] sales so it works for us."

Just up the street, Piggly Wiggly customers waited in long lines to buy their alcohol. The manager said they had been slammed since early Sunday afternoon. 

Lawmakers in Georgia passed a law that allows communities to vote on whether or not they want Sunday alcohol sales. 

A few weeks ago, Columbus Council voted to put Sunday sales up for vote in November. 

Columbus residents will have the opportunity to vote on whether alcohol should be sold on Sundays.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says the issue will be on the ballot November 6th and if it passes, sales will start in Columbus on December 2nd.

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