Georgia will vote in increased Sales Tax

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) – While taxes are top of mind right now, On July 31st, people in Georgia will have the option to vote for an increased sales tax.

The increase will be used towards funding transportation projects in a 16 county region, one being Muscogee County.  If passed, Muscogee County's Sale's Tax would increase from 7 to 8 percent.

"This isn't a good time for anyone to be paying an increased sales tax the economy is already rough enough right now too many people aren't working," said David Evans, a Muscogee County resident.

Colin Martin, the VP of Governmental Affairs in the Chamber of Commerce says, "The majority of projects will benefit Muscogee County and smaller counties with no projects will benefit through a discretionary fund."

Martin adds, "Those counties getting the discretionary money will get more money than they ever have before. The money will be used to fix things like pot holes, and repair roads some in Columbus, but mostly in surrounding communities.

So why should Muscogee County residents pay more in sales tax that benefits other counties?

He says "every one of us travels in all the counties that surround us so that directly benefits us by having smooth roads."

Veterans Parkway would be expanded from Maple Ridge to Harris County. Another project would be roads to Crisp County.

"People point to a project in Crisp County. There's going to be a major in land port going in the county which goods will come to Columbus and goods will come from Columbus to that in land port to ship all over the country so it's to our advantage to have good connectivity with crisp county."

Martin says the vote is important, will benefit Columbus for years, and will bring jobs to the area; but David Evans, who will be voting July 31st, says he doesn't see the vote going through while the economy is the way it is.

Martin says the real question to ask is what will happen if we don't do these projects, he says our community will be behind others throughout the state.

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