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Muscogee County School District celebrates PIE week

We've all been asked the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

For some this may be a tough question to answer but the Partners in Education program is helping students figure it all out.

This week Muscogee County is celebrating PIE and the businesses that help guide students.

Students and staff across 85 schools and 5 counties are celebrating and honoring the businesses that are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

Shaw High School's principal Michael Barden says the impact PIE has on Shaw is immeasurable, "PIE Week, Partners in Education week means a great deal to Shaw high school. We have such wonderful partners."

WTVM, TSYS, Mediacom, The University of Phoenix, and soon, Freeman and Associates all partner with PIE. News Leader 9's Chuck Leonard works with students at Shaw High School.

"I think the Partners in Education is a great program, because it does give that experience. You know someone from a business - and not just a TV station pairing with a high school, but to a hospital pairing with a school. You know whatever the occupation," said Leonard.

Andrea Takomoto is part of the broadcasting class at Shaw. She says working with WTVM together with her classes is putting her ahead of the competition.

"We use a lot of professional software. And equipment like one of the camera that I've seen WTVM use we have actually. And so the fact that I get to use it before most people that figure out that's what they want to do, it gives me the leg up because i already know how to use this equipment. I know how to operate it. I know how to edit it, put it together. So, it just gives me the advantage against the person that never had this. So, I feel really lucky," said Takomoto.

PIE's program director says the program helps improve the everyday lives of students. Shaw's principal, Mr. Barden says seeing is believing. "I've seen the smiles. I've seen the adults that come in and work one-on-one with the kids and I've seen the kids go away better because of it."

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