Columbus Airport gets new body scanner

Columbus, GA ( WXTX ) - TSA Officials installed a body scanner at the security gate of the Columbus Airport Wednesday.
Body imaging technology is slowly making its way in to airports across the country.  
The millimeter wave advanced imaging technology machine installed at the Columbus Airport on Wednesday is safe for people of all ages, even pregnant women. We are told by TSA officials the machine gives off 1/10,000 of the amount of energy that is involved in a single cell phone call.
This type of body scanner gives a generic human outline, not an individual image of a person's body like the backscatter X-ray machine in several airports across the country.  
Millimeter wave technology pinpoints if anything metallic or nonmetallic is hiding behind the clothes.  The technology does not penetrate the skin.
Jon Allen, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, said, "Somebody with a metal hip, metal knee can come through and with in fifteen seconds they can be on their way."
If a yellow patch appears on the screen, you will be patted down in that specific region of your body.  A green "ok" screen means you can proceed on.

TSA officials tell Fox 54, "In the region, Montgomery and Savannah airports will have millimeter wave technology installed in a few weeks."

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