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Free from No Child Left Behind: Local schools react

FORTSON, GA (WXTX) - Third grade teacher at New Mountain Hill Elementary in Harris County, Sherry Pinet is excited she is now free from No Child Left Behind.  "As a teacher, No Child Left Behind has been very difficult," said Pinet.

No Child Left Behind requires all students to be proficient in reading and math by 2014.

Many have called the legislation flawed, some saying it gives the public the indication that schools, and in turn their teachers and students, are failing by comparing apples to oranges.

"Comparing third [grade] to third [grade] to third [grade], so you are measuring different children each year," explained Harris County Schools Superintendent Craig Dowling.

Free from No Child Left behind, Georgia and nine other states with the waiver will essentially be able to compare apples to apples.  Now, they will check kids progress and growth as they move from grade to grade.

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"Testing is not going away.  The CRCT will still be there. What it does not have is the only weight, the only factor, that determines whether or not we did a good job and it removes some of the high stakes elements that we have attached to the test," said Dowling.

Those high stakes may be gone, but schools in states exempt from No Child Left Behind have "agreed to raise standards, improve accountability, and undertake essential reforms to improve how effective teachers are," explained White House Officials.

"It is going to not only look at their test scores, like we have always done, but it is going to look at growth and how the children are improving."

And, Pinet said she is ready for the different approach and ready to celebrate achievement with her students.

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