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No new leads in "child doe" case in Opelika


Day two of an extensive and detailed search near the Brook Haven Trailer Park in Opelika has ended. The FBI evidence recovery team joined in with investigators to search the woods where a child's skull and other remains were discovered about two weeks ago.

Investigators were literally on their hands and knees working side by side going through ever piece of pine straw, fallen leaves and twigs searching for more remains or evidence in this case.

Yellow crime scene tape ropes off the area of the search, where an Opelika Police officer and his children left a teddy bear for "child doe." 

Figuring out who "child doe" is, how they were killed and by whom, has consumed detectives since the child's skull and other remains were found off of Hurst Street.
"Obviously most of us have children and we are human and there is a human element to this. Every available detective working today is down there, expect for one, who is back at the office catching the other calls. So we are doing everything we can and using every resource we have," explained Captain Bruce DeLong.
The detailed grid search ended Friday afternoon with no more remains or evidence being found. Investigators are now waiting on the state crime lab and FBI to complete a forensics report on the skull and remains.
"At this point we have no leads, our hope is that we will get a more definitive lab analysis soon and we hope that will provide us with more clues, leads to continue on with our investigation," said DeLong.
As investigators wait for those forensic tests to get back, detectives say they are positive someone, somewhere knows something about a missing person that could be extremely important to this case, even if you think it is insignificant. 

You are asked to call the Opelika Police Department if you do have any information, you can remain anonymous.

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