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The Fountain City fills with drama for the Thespian Conference


The Fountain City is filled with drama for the 2012 Thespian Conference. More than 3800 aspiring actors, singers, and dancers are in town to showcase their talents.

From the RiverCenter to the Springer Opera House and back to Columbus State University the young performers are taking different workshops, networking, and auditioning for college scholarships.

"It's crazy," said Spencer Maxwell an event ambassador, "You know walking around with this little sash on and everybody's always singing and dancing everywhere it definitely brings out the inner thespian in everybody; watching everybody performing all the time."

Although a lot of fun, there are many opportunities available to participants. They can walk away with some great tools to help them reach their goals.

"You get opportunities to be evaluated with different songs you sing or different monologues you can bring. So it's just a great opportunity, over all," said event ambassador Caitlyn Weaver.

More than seventy theatre professionals and colleges are leading workshops and guiding students at this massive event.

Over at the Springer Opera House students auditioned for college scholarships. Then, they will  head back over to the Columbus Trade Center to take classes.

"I took an Improv class that really helps you with your technique as far as being in the moment and feeling it," said theatre student Callie Davis.

 Ever wondered how they do all the cool moves in the movie The Matrix?  Well with a harness and a few ropes students got to try it out.

"It was great it was amazing. It's a different feeling being up in the air, than on the ground. What you see on the screen you see acting and cool stuff that happens but when you're actually there you actually see that it takes hard work and safety issues," said theatre student Nequa Olawumi.

The conference has been going on since Thursday February 9th and will continue on through Saturday evening.

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