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Fort Benning loads them up and ships them out


Fort Benning is loading them up and shipping them out.  Not soldiers, but massive tanks!

Saturday, huge M1A2 Sep-V2 tanks were placed on the yard in what seems almost perfect formation.

"As we load the equipment on to the railcars, at the end of the day we will bring in additional equipment to begin loading the next day," said Kimberely Knowles, head of transportation.

They're loading the 200 pieces of equipment onto rail cars to be shipped to the National Training Center in California.

Knowles also says about 200 soldiers are helping make sure it's all done safely. "The vehicles are being loaded so we have railguards on the front, and on the side, and on the rear of the vehicles," says Knowles

The training is expected to last for at least a month. Major Ellis Gales says the training will be more "traditional", "This is the first time in approximately ten years, that we've conducted this type of training. Most of the training conducted in training centers have been focused on Iraq or Afghanistan scenarios. So, we're going back to force-on-force, tank-on-tank scenarios."

It will take the soldiers about a week to load all of the equipment from the yard. Then, an additional week to transport it all to California.

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