Columbus radio host remembers Whitney Houston

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - While the country mourns her death, people across the Valley are remembering Whitney Houston for her amazing vocal chords and success in the music world.

Local radio stations spent Monday taking calls from people and playing favorite songs as a tribute to the singer.

"We are remembering Whitney Houston on FOXIE 105.  Talk about what her music meant to you, and how it may have brought you through and healed you," said radio personality, Michael Soul to his listeners.

"I was devastated," said one caller.

When Soul asked what the caller's favorite Whitney Houston song is, he paused, "I've got so many of them."

Soul said it has been a tremendous blow to the music industry to lose such an influential artist.

"If you think about it, a person being that age, they've got so much more to do. [They have] so much more to live and hopefully, so much more music to give back to us.  So, it's a huge loss," said Soul.

The radio personality says Houston provided the soundtrack to so many lives, and that is why so many people are having a tough time coping with the singer's death.

For many of the callers, Soul explains, their memories will help them release the emotions.

"My first concert was Whitney Houston. And, I've been to several of her concerts.  And, as I got older I got to see her in an intimate setting in New York City," said a caller.

"I was leaving work what I found out about it. And, it kind of shocked me.  I was in a shock all day," said another caller.

With rumors circuiting about her death, Soul says it is not just about listening to their callers but also giving them the accurate information.

"We have a responsibility to not only play their favorite music but also report the actual facts as far as what took place," said Soul.

He also says it is their responsibility to not let her memory be forgotten,

"Her music will continue to live on our stations."

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