Early voting begins for Georgia presidential primary

Election season is in full swing in the Valley. Those wanting to vote early can head out to polls at the Government Center and also at the Columbus Public Library.

Georgia's primary is only three weeks away on Super Tuesday March 6 with Alabama only a week later on March 13.

Unfortunately, it is too late to register to vote in the Georgia primary but in Alabama, you have until Friday March 2 to register.

In addition, absentee ballots are due, either in the mail or in person to your county elections board, at any time up to the days of the elections.

The polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm in the Eastern and Central time zones. These are "open primaries" in both states, so you can vote for your top candidate from either party - but not both parties -- whether you're a registered republican or democrat.

Voting manager at the Columbus Public Library Lydia Jackson says everyone should vote whenever possible, "and they're all important, all the elections are important. And you should always be up to exercise your rights to vote."

The polls opened in Georgia on Monday to a slow start. Director of elections and voter registration Nancy Boren says this time 4 years ago, things looked a lot different,

"We have had a very low turnout for this 2012 presidential preference primary. In 2008 by the same time period, we had already voted 10 thousand people. As of yesterday, 768 people so you can see the turnout is very low."

Early voter Bruce Zimmerman says he thinks people are starting to give up, "I think maybe a lot of them maybe just have just given up hope that anything is going to happen."

Voting in the primaries is very important. This primary is your chance to decide who you think should represent the Republican Party and go up against President Obama in November.

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