BTW apartments will be torn down, where will the people go?

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - First it was Peabody apartments, then Baker Village, and now Booker T. Washington apartments will be completely redeveloped.

"Next on our list is Booker T Washington and we hoping to do something similar that we did at the other two developments," Williams said.

Those other two developments were turned into new mixed income housing apartments but it has yet to be decided what will happen to the prime real-estate.

People living at Booker T. Washington Apartments will have 3 options: They could request a voucher to live at a private complex; this would require the land owner to agree to section 8 housing and allow the renter to pay 30 percent of their income as the rental fee.

The next would be moving into the off-site housing facility that is expected to be built within a year. The Columbus Housing Authority will pay for moving expenses and house people here either permanently or until other housing becomes available

People also have the option to transfer to another apartment complex within the Columbus housing authority.

"We find out a lot of times residents aren't happy with their new communities either they are voucher holders or in public housing and they choose not to come back," Williams said.

But Serena Gillispie says she wouldn't mind. She's lived in the apartments for 6 years and wants to see a change in an area she says that has been plagued with crime.

"You dealing with violence, drugs, and all kind of stuff like that and if they can make this place better I'm grateful for everything," Gillispie said.

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