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Warmer winter making allergies worse

The sun is out and the playground is packed. 

One person not enjoying the warmer winter is Lauren Bryan. "My allergies are out of control this year.  Usually I have allergies, but they have started earlier and lasted longer."

She says the pressure in her head and under her eyes are worse this year and the drainage is constant.

Dr. Robert Chrzanowski at the Allergy Center in Columbus said Lauren is not alone.  "Intermittent rain with warmer weather, you are going to see high pollen counts and when that happens people are going to be symptomatic.  You're going to have itchy eyes and runny nose and your congestion is going to get worse."

How can you cut the crud and feel better?
First, find out what it is that you are allergic to. The doctor can do a simple test to find out.  
Then, start on an anti-histamine or get an allergy shot. 

Dr. Chrzanowski suggests starting early with a regimen. "If you wait until the pollen hits you and you are extremely severe, it is going to be hard to get it under control without doing something else like a steroid or more decongestants."

Tammy Johnson at Peachtree Natural Foods in Columbus says she has seen a lot of people in the store asking for a natural ways to combat their allergies with herbals and vitamins. "It's non-drowsy, even good for children to use."

And, if you are against pills all together, the doctor suggests a nasal rinse that you can use year round.

He says the pollen count will continue to rise and get worse in March.

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