First phase in whitewater course nears completion

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The final stages for the Alabama channel are being completed and a diversion structure has been built to keep the water in the channel so work can start on the Georgia side.

In just a few weeks the first big phase of the white water course will be complete and all eyes will focus on the dam.

Richard Bishop with Uptown Columbus says, "There will be a barge on this part of the river that will have a huge crane on it that will be doing work on the top of the dam to get ready for the dam breach."

The first thing to happen at the dam is that the top part will be removed, "The first phase will be about 120 feet of the dam that will go down about 7 feet."

The water from the dam will be contained on the Alabama side by the diversion structure. This will allow major developments into the Georgia channel of the course.

"We've got to develop the elements on the Georgia side that create the wave in the white water in this portion of the river. Most of its natural but there are some manmade structures that will be on Georgia side; it's a cool thing because you have an island in the middle and the rafters that come down they can come down one them then pull out and go down the other reasoning."

Bishop says the white water course will be in Columbus by late 2013.

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