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New roundabout to ease traffic congestion in Lakebottom


An area that has seen a lot of traffic confusion is finally getting some much-needed attention.  A new roundabout will be placed in the Lakebottom Park area near St. Elmo School and St. Elmo Place.

It will be modeled after an existing one on Warm Springs Road - making it the second roundabout to be placed in a high-volume traffic area.

Some people believe it would be a traffic nightmare. "It seem like there's going to be accidents here cause everybody is confused about which way to go and what they are supposed to do," says a concerned driver.

Others say the roundabouts closest to them have been helpful with alleviating traffic. "I love the roundabouts. People who aren't familiar with [them] are a little bit confused...[before] you could not get out of here, but now it's easy."

Traffic Engineering Manager Ron Hamlett says, "We have had problems with traffic control -- people that are going around [to the] right, go too fast around the curb and people who try to go north on 18th Avenue don't even touch their brakes at the stop sign."

He says this is the best and cheapest option to solving an age old geometric problem at the intersection in Weracoba Park. "It creates a very easy order to go through the intersection because everything goes through the roundabout."

"This one is basically what some people call a peanut roundabout and its two circles that are connected and again it's because the way this intersection is skewed," Hamlett said.  

He says the city has 10 roundabouts currently in place. One is under construction and three others are currently being designed that brings the total in our area to 14.

The Lakebottom roundabout project is slated to cost about $500,000. Construction is set to begin in the Fall and is expected to be finished by the first of 2013. 

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